Cost Effective Major Garden Features to Transform your Outdoor Living Area

Let’s face it, we spend more time in our garden than anywhere else, so it makes sense to create a relaxing ambience where the whole family can enjoy their downtime. Regardless of the design, there are always attractive features that can be added, and with that in mind, here are a few cost-effective ideas to transform your outdoor living space.

Relaxing Pond

A small pond to one side of the terrace with a nice waterfall would really help you to chill out. There’s something soothing about running water, especially in a natural environment, and with some Koi Carp, Goldfish and some suitable fauna, you can have a fantastic water feature. LED lighting for great evening effects, and any company that offers landscape design could handle such a project, which certainly wouldn’t break the bank.

Stunning Summer House

There are suppliers of pine log cabins who have bespoke designs, and while this is not a cheap project, it certainly is a good long-term investment that will last for many years. The summer house could be used in many different ways; a place for the family to rest and relax, a guest room for overnight visitors, or even a home office, from where you could run your new business.

Water Fountain

If you have a large grassed area, installing a water fountain in the centre is a great idea, and with small pathways that lead to the feature, you have a garden with character. A landscape gardener would make short work of such a project, and with a small water pump and a reservoir, the water is always circulated around the system.

Bali Hut

The traditionally weaved Bali hut would make for an ideal garden feature, and there are online suppliers who make the units in a totally natural way. This provides the perfect shaded area, and it would be very durable and weatherproof, and can be used all year round.

Hanging Gardens

If you want to inject some natural greenery, hanging gardens can be created from a timber trellis, which also makes for a secluded spot, and as time goes by, the plants will grow into each other, creating a unique walkway. Talk to any landscape gardener and they can design stunning hanging gardens for a small budget, and, of course, LED lighting will help you create a unique ambience in the evenings.

Build a Rockery

All it takes is a couple of cubic metres of topsoil and a few suitably sized rocks and stones and you can create a nice corner rockery, and combining this with a small waterfall would really make it stand out. Of course, it very much depends on the size of your garden and the layout, but any good landscape designer could come up with suitable rockery that adds both colour and depth.

The above are just a few ideas, and by talking to your local landscape gardener, you can choose from a wide selection of attractive and cost-effective features to improve your outdoor living space.

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