Are You Interested in a Golfing Holiday?

If you love golf but don’t quite have the time to enjoy it in the way that you want, have you considered investing in a golf package? Imagine playing on some of the nicest golf courses in and around the city of Adelaide and enjoying a premium wine at the end of every 18 holes.

Golfing in Beautiful Adelaide

Adelaide is known for its Mediterranean climate, beautiful wine regions, great wines, and a cafe and coffee culture that’s the envy of many places in the world. Adelaide is unique because it is situated on the Adelaide Plains, which is close to great suburban beaches, hills, and even woodland areas. Wherever you are in Adelaide, you’re no more than an hour away from some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

One other thing that Adelaide is known for is expansive and lovely golf courses. In many ways, Adelaide is still a destination that’s not on the regular radar but this can also be a benefit. It’s possible to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, great coffee, great wine, great local produce, and a few rounds of golf in style.

What About a Golfing Package?

Whether you live overseas and you want a nice holiday or you live interstate, Adelaide is a wonderful destination. If you also love your gold, the good news is that Adelaide golf packages are available at great prices. So what do you get in one of these packages? Consider the following:

  • Play 18 holes of golf on four separate and well-known Adelaide golf courses such as Kooyonga, Royal Adelaide, Grange, and Glenelg.
  • Enjoy a premium bottle of wine after completing each course; each is sourced from local Adelaide wine makers and worth over one hundred dollars.
  • Enjoy a tasting platter along with your wine that is comprised of some of the best local produce that Adelaide and South Australia has to offer.

The truth is that if you love golf, you want to play on as many golf courses as possible. Every golf course is different and offers a different set of challenges. By investing in a special golf package, you get to experience some of the best courses that South Australia and Adelaide have to offer.


If you’re looking for a different kind of holiday this year and you also love golf, spending some time in Adelaide, South Australia could be the best decision that you make all year. Adelaide is the jewel in South Australia’s crown and offers some of the best suburban beaches in Australia as well as great wine, great food and a laid-back culture. For a different kind of holiday, why not investigate a golf package in Adelaide?



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