Top Tips to Settle Faster Abroad

Making significant life changes can be scary, but regret is haunting. If you’re emotionally and financially ready for that big move, the next best thing to do is manage the odds so that they’ll be in your favour.

Learn the culture

Culture summarises what people are interested in, their thoughts, and values. Understanding this helps you appreciate the country better while also allowing you to adapt faster. It also helps overcome prejudices and stereotypes. After all, you can only appreciate that which you understand.

Learning a country’s culture entails being able to communicate better, even in a language you already know. Although English is widely spoken, there is slang and differences specific to a particular English-speaking country. “Knob” in American English is the door handle. In the UK, “nob” is a slang that pertains to male genitals. In Portugal, the word “peidei”, which sounds like payday, means “I passed gas”. As funny as that may sound, the fact remains—there’s always room for improvement when it comes to language. In the long run, language awareness will help you build better relationships. Fortunately, today, many channels and pages exist online for entertaining and educational content regarding culture.

Don’t lose touch with friends

Apart from following each other’s social media accounts, it helps to regularly check on each other. One of the pleasantries of today’s technology is minimising the effects of distance on a relationship. Apart from conversing with childhood friends, you can be on group video calls, play games, and conveniently send each other gifts. Sharing laughter through stories and funny posts is an excellent bonding time that triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins.

Learn the law

It is essential to comply with the law if you want to prevent trouble. Since the regulations can vary greatly per country, it is crucial to have a working knowledge of the dos and don’ts before you move. Chewing gum in Singapore is prohibited. In Athens, wearing heels at the Acropolis is illegal. Poland is not particularly fond of Winnie the Pooh merchandise because Pooh does not wear pants. In the Caribbean, it is illegal to wear anything camouflage if you’re not part of the military. Other cultures will be surprised by these laws, but they are in place for a good reason. This information and more is useful to know, especially since ignorance excuses no one.

Decide if you want citizenship

There are many benefits to holding a second passport. In Europe, a Maltese passport grants you unrestricted access in any Schengen area country and offers unparalleled tax benefits. If you are looking into living in a European country, citizenship Malta has one of the most efficient processing systems. All this and fantastic Mediterranean weather—fascinating indeed!

Moving to a different country is never easy. Sometimes, you can’t help but compare the old with the new. When you move, it is crucial to accept that some things will naturally seem better while others will appear worse. Keeping an open mind will certainly help you settle in faster.


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