Breath-taking Art Jamming In Singapore

Art is often seen as an individual endeavour, but the truth is that some of our most powerful and enduring artworks have been made in collaboration with others. Art Jams bring together artists from diverse backgrounds to explore new ideas through a shared creative process – for example, combining sculpture with projections can create surprising visual effects!

Art Jams are not about finding answers or solving problems; they’re about making connections between different disciplines and seeing what happens when you put them all together. The result might surprise you!

It’s not about being creative on your own terms but with other people too! Art Jams provide a platform for socializing and networking where every colleague is an artist. You don’t need to be the next Picasso or Warhol but we all have our own artistic voice to showcase at Art Jamming Singapore events.

Art Jammers can call themselves artists, illustrators or sculptors. Art Jams are open to everyone from kids who want to paint their dinner plate black before it’s eaten up by the family dog, to seasoned professional artists looking for a place to experiment with new techniques or materials without the pressure of gallery showings and critical reviews.

It’s a chance for anyone interested in art, regardless of age or expertise level, to explore different mediums together while maintaining control over what they create.

The Art Jammers Activity Space (37 near Somerset MRT station) opens its doors every Saturday evening to anyone who wants to come, take risks with their work, and meet other creatives. The space welcomes a wide range of participants—everyone from professional painters and sculptors to students studying art & design or just looking for something fun after school.

Sign up to Art Jams Singapore if interested. You can visit their website for all the details about their upcoming events!

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