Universe of Sports Betting

Predictions on sporting events are not only interesting but also profitable. Every day there are hundreds of matches in different disciplines. Recently, the list of such disciplines has been expanded by eSports, that is computer games championships.

In addition to the variety of tournaments and risks associated with betting, each user will face the need to perform hard analysis and study the disciplines, as well as to choose a bookmaker’s office. Bettors experience a huge variety of emotions both from victories and defeats.

Scores24.live provides all the necessary information for free. Using different predictions will enable users to achieve the desired success.

Sports betting: features

Before figuring out what to bet on, where and what strategies exist, it is a good idea to understand the pros and cons of such activity. The right approach will enable you to constantly replenish your bank with new savings and avoid spending hours on monotonous work.  Very often there are matches that predicting their outcome is not difficult through the continuous analysis of the discipline and teams.

But it is important to remember that any bet is a risk that may not bring a positive result.

Sports betting: suitable disciplines

The most bets in the world have been placed, of course, on soccer – more than 35% of the total volume.  The following situation can be observed with other sports:

  1. Tennis takes the silver medal with 25% of the volume. Lately, this number is growing, but it’s still far behind everyone’s favorite soccer.
  2. Ice Hockey is the bronze medalist. About 10% of bets are made on ice hockey tournaments, which is surprising. This sport is not very popular in Europe comparing to the US and Canada. Furthermore, not every match can be seen on TV and even more – placed a bet on.
  3. Basketball ranks 4th among this top with 8%. The situation here is similar to ice hockey – basketball is underdeveloped in most countries. Decent matches are few, although they are held quite often.
  4. Volleyball and table tennis together occupy 5th position with 5%. The situation is almost the same as with basketball, but there are even fewer worthy representatives.

The remaining 9% is taken by other sports. Most cappers bet on major international tournaments, major club leagues, and other “high-profile” events. For such events, bookmakers’ offices provide a lot of decent offers for a good bankroll, which attracts bettors.

However, 3-4 disciplines are in great demand. Users bet on the others less often, if at all. It is difficult to find detailed and “fresh” statistics or any additional information. To clearly understand the picture of what is happening in this area, you need to live and gain experience.

Recommendations for beginners

Often at the beginning of the journey, the question arises, “What should I bet on?” The answer is relatively simple, but it varies on the case by case basis. To begin with, it is necessary to:

  1. Choose a familiar sport – if the knowledge is of the same level for every discipline, the preference should be given to soccer or tennis.
  2. Choose the event to bet on.
  3. Think through the strategy or find it online – it is possible to practice using a demo account. Such function is often offered by different bookmakers.

Then just study and practice. The more familiar users become with the subject, the higher their chances of success are in betting. To track the results, it is recommended to keep statistics of wins/losses in the test account mode.


To summarize, we can safely call sports betting a hunt for victory. No one guarantees success, but even with victories, there will be noticeable progress. It is not recommended to make betting your main source of income until you have completely mastered the topic and achieved statistics of 85%+ wins.

Betting is a great choice not only for earning but also for gambling. If one loves sports and is a fan of a particular team, what could be better than to bet on them and believe in their victory until the end?

If difficulties arise while researching a lot of information, it is recommended to trust the professionals. The Scores24 website offers users predictions by experts, which are regularly updated.

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