How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for You

After you have found the perfect e-cig or vapouriser, the original juice or e-liquid it came with will eventually become empty. Once it is empty, it can be hard to choose the right e-juice solution. You can no longer enjoy the vapouriser without the proper e-liquid. You will be left with a useless electronic device until you find a refill. It can be difficult to find the right e-liquid, when there are so many options available on the market.

Choose the Flavour

Only you can decide which flavours you like and determine which flavours you greatly dislike. If you are a fan of menthol or a fruity e-liquid, you can easily find them at any local vape shop in-person or online. With recent COVID-19 restrictions, online shopping makes buying e-liquid easy for consumers across the country. You will need to verify your age before you can make purchases on most websites.

Choosing the right flavour for you is the first step to buying the best e-liquid because regardless of the other compounds in the e-liquid, if you do not like the taste of the vapour it will be wasted. Many new users prefer to try and match the flavour of their current cigarette brands such as menthol. As they get used to vaping, they may venture out and try fruit flavours or mixed solutions. The flavour options are limitless as many manufacturers are coming up with new exotic blends and mixes.

Nicotine, CBD, or Both

After you have chosen your preferred flavour, you should determine your preferred nicotine or CBD strength. If you are interested in an e-liquid that offers both, you can find hybrid mixes in stores and online. Nicotine e-liquid strength is labelled by milligram (mg). A 6 mg nicotine level is considered low. It is for those smokers that smoke less than half a pack of cigarettes a day. Smokers who smoke between a half a pack and one pack daily often choose a stronger strength such as 9 to 16 mg. Eighteen to 36 mg nicotine strengths are typically concocted for heavy chain smokers.

Try Samples

The best part about buying vape juice in a shop is you can try their samples. Vape shops often have pre-filled devices with different popular flavours for their customers to try. Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions, this practice is becoming less likely. Online stores may offer free samples to new customers or repeat customers with a purchase of their product. It is important to remember that a 6 mg peach flavour e-liquid varies in taste with each different brand.

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