What is a Promise Ring? How is it Different from an Engagement Ring?

Let’s begin by clearing the confusion between the two rings. They are huge and tiny differences between the two. Some are material based: the size of the diamond or gemstone, some are expense based, some are emotional based difference. When you put it simply, you give or receive an engagement ring when you want to spend the rest of your lives together, after the proposal has been excitedly accepted. The reasons to give and receive promise rings may tend to vary, and usually the wearer and giver are aware of what the promise entails.

What the proposal ring in Singapore tends to signify between the couples is highly individual, but most commonly it signifies love and commitment. This could also signify a promise to somebody that someday they will get engaged an undeclared and unspecified time, maybe after graduation or when it is financially easier. Promise rings are very famous these days among couples that are not feeling the need to put a definite label on their relationship or follow a timetable. For them, a ring is an external symbol for people who are moving in together and have no spontaneous plans for getting married but are clearly and definitely in a committed relationship. If an engagement ring is coming in the future, then the promise ring usually moves over to the contrary.

Other relationships

Promise rings can also be exchanged between friends to pledge their friendship forever. Promise rings can also be given by a parent to a child in a way to say, “I love you for eternity.” Promise rings can also be called purity rings and they also signify a pledge of abstinence. They can also be put up as a promise of anything such as commitment to faith, goal or a vow to break a bad habit.

Other things to consider

Promise rings are usually smaller in size and subtler in look than the engagement rings, and may or may not be worn on the wedding ring finger. Diamonds are famous but in smaller sizes or clusters, or also with gemstones. But commonly the focus is not on the diamond itself but on the overall design as well. Metals are also different in that case. While the 18k and 14k gold and platinum may pave the way for engagement rings and wedding bands, the 10K gold or sterling silver is usually affordable and famous option for promise rings. There are also many types of motifs available like infinity symbols, single or entwined hearts or even Claddagh rings. No matter the reason you want to give or receive a promise ring, it is a tangibly beautiful symbol of love and commitment.

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