Realtors Get Better Compensation With Online Listings

Well, it really depends on the size of an actual real estate agency as to whether they have a mobile app or not. Being a software engineer myself, would suggest that there are very minimal or no benefit at all from having a mobile application for either a small or medium sized real estate agency. For them, simply having informative mobile site or having decent SEO is good enough. So then, how do you determine whether or not your real estate agency should have a mobile app? There are many factors to look at.

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, the real estate industry has taken on a new face with the advent of the technology and the Internet, and agents have found themselves thrust into the role of entrepreneurs once again. Real estate agents used to represent buyers and sellers as individuals, or in the case of selling properties, listing the property. Now, agents are now responsible for marketing the home, making sure buyers are looking at the home, making sure they are buying a home, and more. Agents have to be proficient in the use of the Internet and have great customer service skills to deal with both buyers and sellers on a daily basis.

One way to determine whether or not a real estate agency should have a mobile application is to ask agents which tasks they find most difficult on their jobs. For instance, maybe the biggest problem is tracking down leads and clients! An agent who can find new leads on the Internet and can help track them down is infinitely preferable to an agent who sits in his office looking at computer screens all day.

Another benefit of Lafleur Davey agency is the ability to access the system at any time. If an agent is on the go for a business and has to leave work to attend a meeting or have a client call the real estate agency does not lose business because they had no representation to make the buyer aware of their opening. Agents are now allowed to have cell phones and use the Internet, so when an opportunity arises they can connect the system.

A brokerage account also provides the real estate professional a way to negotiate a better commission. Once a buyer has found the home of their dreams and signed a written agreement, the agent will have an opportunity to receive a portion of the commission. Many times agents will negotiate these percentages with their own broker, but today there is an easy way to get the commission without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

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