What exams do we need to give to study MS in any US University?

To study in USA is a dream for many people. According to a study, the US is the most popular study abroad destination. US has over 4500 higher education providers. Thus when considering to take up a master’s degree, you have a lot to take into consideration. Universities in USA offer a high-quality education that is renowned the world over which explains the reason there are so many international students. Here are the exams you need to qualify to study MS in USA.

Eligibility for a master degree in the US

There are some basic requirements for you to be considered eligible for a master’s degree in a US university.

Test scores

For you to be considered eligible for a master’s degree in US, you have to be proficient in English. TOEFL and IELTS are the main tests used for the assessment. You would also need a Graduate Record Examination or Graduate Management Admission Test, along with other legal and medical tests.

At least 16 years of formal education

According to the education system in the US, one will ideally have had 16 years of formal education before they can qualify for a master’s degree. For international students; however, this may not be the case as in some countries their bachelor’s degrees go for three years, making the total number of years for a formal education 15. However, the application process involves quite a lot, and various universities are considering students with a total of 15 years of formal education provided the rest of their package in the application process is excellent. You need not be worried about this you could also take up a master’s course in your country for a year to make your years of formal education add up to 16 before applying for a master’s degree in the US.

Work Experience

Some programs will require you to have practical experience in your field; this is to say that besides attending lectures, writing a thesis and holding group discussions, you will be required to have professional experience in your field to be considered eligible for a master’s degree in the US. Some of these programs include education, medicine, and technology a student’s internship will do you a lot of good in this case.

Academic documents

They will also consider your academic record from the university you attended, including your research work, recommendations, and co-curricular activities. You will also need a statement of purpose, your publications, projects you did in your college or university.

A bachelor’s degree

Most people choose to pursue a master’s degree in the same field as the one they did in their bachelor’s degree. However, the specialisation doesn’t need to be the same in US universities; you can easily change your domain and pursue what you desire despite your bachelor’s degree.

Make a list of preferred universities

Carry out your research and come up with a list of universities you would want to study in and also those that maximise your chances at acceptance, you do not want to do all that work of posting applications only to end up with rejections from all your applications. Also, note that the universities are also looking to accept students who will take the post, they do not want to accept students who will most likely get better offers and eventually reject them for the better option. Gauge yourself and conduct extensive research to ensure that you apply to the right universities. This may not be easy, and thus you can consider seeking some professional help to help you through the application process. Before you decide to apply to any university, ensure that you understand the university’s requirements and fully qualify to avoid wasting your time on applications that will end up being rejected.

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