Time-Management Skills To Ace The SSC Stenographer Exam

Staff Selection Commission conducts the Stenographer exam every year to recruit staff into various Grade C and Grade D posts of government organizations and departments. Successfully taking the Stenographer Exam is a skill that generally requires candidates to do diligent preparation and practice. Scoring high is not just about revoking everything studied in the syllabus throughout the preparation, time management is given equal importance during the exam.

This article will talk about some realistic time management tips that shall help aspirants ace the Stenographer Exam. Aspirants must be aware that the commission has announced the dates of Stenographer exam which is scheduled in November 2020. Candidates can keep track of SSC Stenographer Admit Card for dates and relevant details.

Tips for Time Management in SSC Stenographer

  • Analyse the exam format: aspirants must keep abreast with the latest examination pattern before starting with the preparation. Knowing the exam format is not only important for the Stenographer exam but for any other competitive exam. Upkeeping with the latest format of the examination helps to strategize and give ideas on how and from where to gather the study materials.
  • Time Table is a must: Creating a study schedule that is realistic and an aspirant can commit to, is really important. Time table for each subject or topics covered in the syllabus helps to allocate equal time to study and establishes a pattern of study.
  • Approach weak areas more focused: candidates can prepare themselves better for the topics that are not their strong suit. By devoting a little extra time on the weak topics will prepare them to encounter questions from such topics that they wanted to escape. Moreover, candidates will be able to develop strategies for dealing with such questions efficiently and quickly.
  • Read questions carefully: Aspirants should go through each and every line of the question paper on receiving the same. Skimming through the exam paper helps find relevant information that might be tucked away and candidates will also figure out which are the easy questions and which question might kill their time.
  • Start with the easy questions: A good time-management strategy says that candidates should always attempt the easy questions first during the exam. This helps to save time for tricky questions because easy questions can probably be done quicker than thought while preparation and practice.
  • Focus on questions with more weightage: To save time, aspirants should try and do questions that carry more marks but only after solving the easy ones or the questions they have confidence. For example, instead of spending time on 10 questions for 10 points, questions of 20 marks worth more time.
  • Keep track of Time: Keeping a watch on the clock is of utmost importance. Aspirants should take their own watch and keep a track of it while taking up the questions. They should try not to give more than 1 minute to any question. They should try to stick to the time or rather beat the time taken to solve the question while preparation and practising.

Aspirants might feel a little anxious and wish to hurry up and get over with the test, but pacing oneself is what we call time management. So, pace adequately and do not hurry as it might lead to a critical mistake. Managing time adequately in SSC Stenographer exam is a skill that needs to be mastered to complete the whole syllabus during preparation, take exams conveniently with more accuracy and to come out with flying colours in the exam.

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